First and Only FDA-approved, 3D Printed Drug Produced in Ohio

First and Only FDA-approved, 3D Printed Drug Produced in OhioJobsOhio

Ohio company develops the first and only FDA-approved 3D printed drug reinforcing Ohio’s position as a Biohealth powerhouse with the prescription for success.

An Ohio company has achieved something no other bioscience company has been able to do. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals is the first and only company in the world to commercially manufacture an FDA-approved drug using 3D printing technology. 
Located near Cincinnati, Aprecia received FDA approval in 2015 to manufacture Spiritam (levetiracetam), a tablet that treats seizures in people with certain types of epilepsy. The company launched the 3D printed drug earlier this year. 
Aprecia’s patent-protected process uses an aqueous fluid to bind multiple layers of powder. The 3-D printer deposits a powder blend and applies an aqueous binding fluid in just the right formulation to create a solid yet highly porous product. As a result, Aprecia’s pharmaceuticals are easier for patients to swallow because they disintegrate with a small amount of liquid much faster than current dissolvable medications on the market.

Made in Ohio. Made For Humanity.

This remarkable achievement is one of many groundbreaking health care advancements made by Ohio Biohealth companies. Ohio’s Biohealth innovators are at the forefront of commercializing groundbreaking innovations and tell the story best in this video describing why bioscience companies can do more here than anywhere else. 
The Biohealth industry is flourishing in Ohio with dozens of pioneering companies making groundbreaking advancements to save, improve, and extend lives across the globe. Ohio’s prescription for success offers emerging and mature Biohealth companies world-renowned medical institutions, cutting-edge research facilities, an educated and skilled talent pool, and a logistics infrastructure that makes it easy to transport life-saving products to global markets. Learn more about Ohio’s thriving Biohealth industry