VIDEO SERIES Ohio: Making Digital Dreams Come True

VIDEO SERIES Ohio: Making Digital Dreams Come TrueJobsOhio

Ohio Creates An Ecosystem, Culture, and Environment Supporting Entrepreneurial Success.

In Ohio, Information Technology innovators and entrepreneurs are achieving success. Whether you’re launching your first venture, are a seasoned entrepreneur, or an established CEO, Ohio has the innovation infrastructure, top talent at a cost advantage, and existing company presence to help make your digital dreams come true. 
In the video “Making Digital Dreams Come True” IT innovators explain how and why they are succeeding in Ohio.
Access to an innovation infrastructure, supported and funded by private industry, public partners, government agencies, and education institutions, alongside, robust ecosystems and collaborative communities are diversifying the state’s economy. In Ohio, IT companies have access to the assets to move innovations to commercialization faster than ever before.

Ohio Offers Top Talent without the Silicon Valley Price

More IT innovators experience strategic growth in Ohio with access to world-class talent at a significant cost advantage compared to Silicon Valley. Ohio software engineers are compensated at 40 percent less than California software engineers giving companies the ability to access high-tech talent without sacrificing quality. 
With 25 higher education institutions offering programs in cyber security and 17 providing training in data analytics, more than 10,000 engineers and engineering technicians graduate from Ohio schools annually. For Information Technology disruptors seeking the ideal location for expansion and growth, access to top talent at a competitive cost helps IT innovators achieve success. 

Diverse Industry Leaders Choose Ohio

In Ohio, there is a concentration of industry leading companies. More than 50 companies on the Fortune 1000 maintain headquarter operations in Ohio. The state’s stable economy continues to attract diverse companies from around the globe helping distinguish Ohio with the seventh largest Financial Services industry in the U.S.
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