Cleveland Hopkins Renovations Becoming a Reality

Cleveland Hopkins Renovations Becoming a RealityBeth A. Kapes2016 Host Committee

One of the most significant facelifts underway to prepare for the Republican National Convention is at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The extensive renovation was originally planned to wrap up in 2017, but work has been accelerated to ensure a successful travel experience for thousands of visitors this July. Fred Szabo, Interim Director, Department of Port Control at Cleveland Hopkins provides an update.

• CLE Terminal Exterior Façade/Ticketing Lobby Project
The Terminal Exterior Façade/Ticketing Lobby project includes the modernization and upgrading of the exterior façade of the passenger terminal building for the airport’s upper and lower levels. Through these improvements, more natural light will be provided into the ticket lobby space, plus a canopy protruding farther onto the arrivals roadway will provide better weather protection for passengers being dropped off. In addition to updating the appearance of the Terminal building, this project will install new heating and air conditioning systems, energy efficient and brighter lighting, new directional signage and will redesign and improve passenger traffic flow in the Terminal. Also, the electronic entry and exit doors are being replaced with state of the art revolving doors, which will improve entry and exit flow while moderating interior temperature levels year round. The total project cost is approximately $24 million and is on schedule for completion on June 20, 2016. 
▪  CLE Airport Wide In-Line Baggage Project and Recapitalization
Currently, baggage screening for airlines other than United is conducted on the ticketing lobby level as there is no centralized baggage sorting area for these carriers. Yet, this configuration takes up valuable queuing and movement areas for passengers. 

This project includes the design and implementation of an Airport wide in-line baggage screening system to automate and streamline the baggage handling and screening network for all airlines. At the conclusion of this project, all airlines will utilize a fully automated and centralized high speed baggage handling system. The total project cost is approximately $27 million and is scheduled to be completed in September of 2017. 
▪ CLE Parking Redevelopment, Canopy Project
The Parking Redevelopment Canopy Project includes a design-build project to install car canopy systems over the premium Red Lot as well as the economy Blue Lot.  The canopies will cover the existing surface lots and provide premium covered, on Airport, close parking for passengers. This Republican National Convention-related project will include enhanced security features, skylights, LED lighting and solar panels, and is on schedule and within the budget of $9.7 million. This project is on schedule for completion on June 20, 2016. 

• Airport Signage Program
This multi-phase project will renovate existing and install new airport signage within the Cleveland Airport System (CLE/BKL) environment, including Cleveland Hopkins and Burke Lakefront. Project goals are to provide positive and efficient guidance for customers to their desired destination in and around the various on and off airport properties, while achieving aesthetically appealing and functional design. 

The project scope includes areas such as the passenger terminal including ticketing level, baggage claim areas, gate areas, terminal concourses, landside roadways, terminal frontages areas, parking garages, cargo areas, and rental car facilities. The initial phase of this $1.5 million project is on schedule for completion in June of 2016.