Focus on Medina County

Focus on Medina CountyMichael Bennett

The Republican National Convention is not just a "Cleveland thing." Community Update checks in occasionally with cities and counties around the region to share what they are doing to engage, assist and prepare within their communities. Dan Hostetler of the Medina County Visitors Bureau shares this update.

Why is the RNC Convention in Cleveland important for Medina County?

Delegates, media or others affiliated with the Convention will be staying in several Medina County hotels. This is our chance to directly show what Medina County has to offer. Because this national convention brings the spotlight to Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio, we can all show off our communities, Cleveland, and our willingness to work together for the betterment of the region.

What do you hope to gain in the short and long term?

In the short term, we hope to showcase Medina County to those visiting and bringing business to our local restaurants, lodging, attractions, retail and other businesses. For the long term, we again hope to showcase Medina County as a great place to do business and visit when in Northeast Ohio. We hope that some delegates or others staying in Medina County will suggest our community to other business partners or associates when discussing future plans for meetings and expansion.

What is Medina County doing in preparation?

We are working together to find how we can best showcase Medina County. We have run through many ideas and suggestions and are looking at different communities possibly doing smaller events or programs near or at the hotels where the RNC have contracted for rooms. The local committee is working on a digital or small printed publication to be given to Convention attendees that will highlight Medina County. Our goal is that this piece will then be used for economic development organizations in Medina County and in the future to also bring business to Medina County. We are also waiting to hear if there are other ways to interact with delegates, such as booths at a special area for nearby communities and others within the central delegate area.

Why is it important for communities across Northeast Ohio to rally together in welcoming the Convention?

We need to show the country, other major conventions, and individuals that Northeast Ohio is a great location for large conventions and events: that we work together, that we have the facilities and the capability to host larger conventions, trade shows and other programs. Many of these delegates and others belong to associations, businesses, etc., that may be looking for new locations for trade shows, conventions and meetings with fun things to see and do, including great off-site locations.

Who is involved in the efforts?

We have business leaders, public officials, chambers, associations, our visitors bureau, the hotels and others involved in our committee. We are working on ideas to showcase Medina County with our major focus on a print or digital piece for the county. This will then be used by local economic development groups in the future. We may be looking at some smaller types of events near the hotels for non-delegates, such as Convention parties. Once the housing is set, we will send those delegates staying in Medina County information about our area.

For information, contact:
Medina County Visitors Bureau
32 Public Square
Medina, OH 44256