Regional Round Up: Lorain County

Regional Round Up: Lorain CountyMaranda Bailo

Editor’s note: The Republican National Convention is not just a “Cleveland thing.” Community Update checks in occasionally with cities and counties around the region to share what they are doing to engage, assist and prepare within their communities. Jennifer Kennedy, Interim Director of Lorain County, shares this update.

Why is the RNC Convention in Cleveland important for Lorain County?

The Convention offers people the opportunity to come visit Lorain County. We would love for not only visitors, but Clevelanders as well to come here and enjoy our dining, or adventures like kayaking, zip-lining, or fly fishing. We want people to be able to escape the busyness of the city and to come enjoy the abundant natural resources in Lorain County.

What do you hope to gain in the short and long term?

Lorain County is an area on the rise and is a growing community. We have great shopping, great dining, and amazing access to our 23+ miles of lakefront. We want people to come to spend a day, or the whole weekend here on the beach, and experience everything we have to offer. Our goal is to get people to fall in love with the area, and to come back!

What is Lorain County doing in preparation?

The majority of our preparation includes increasing awareness around our adventures, dining, wineries, shopping, and our vibrant and charming north coast. We have also opened up new lodging and hotels, including the Residence Inn Cleveland Avon at The Emerald Event Center. Furthermore, we have applied for a development grant to create a plan to strengthen our lakefront communities and lake access. We want it to be more cohesive and accessible for walkers and bikers, and strengthen the businesses that surround our beaches.

Who is involved in the efforts?

Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, Lorain, and Vermilion along with the County Development and Visit Lorain County are all working together, and lakefront efforts are being led by Lorain County Commissioners. Visit Lorain County, Lorain County Chamber, and Lorain County Commissioners have been actively marketing Lorain County for the Convention.

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