Millennials Engage in Convention Preparation

Millennials Engage in Convention PreparationJen KramerDestination Cleveland

Hosting the Republican National Convention in 2016 provides Cleveland and its residents with a unique and crucial opportunity to reintroduce our hometown to the world.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, a spirited group of more than 130 millennials gathered to learn more about how they could do just that at Destination Cleveland's second annual YP CLE Ambassador Summit.

To encourage young professionals and Downtown residents to engage, assist and prepare for the Convention, David Gilbert, president and CEO of the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, shared the most up-to-date information about the work that was done to secure the bid, the planning process associated with hosting the largest event this city has seen in decades, and the long-term impact the Convention will have on Cleveland for years to come.

This group of young, passionate residents were not only there to learn about the logistics associated with this historic moment in our city's history. The Host Committee also wanted to hear from them, to understand their perception of what this meant and hear their ideas about how we can ensure that the Convention's impact on Cleveland is felt well into the future by answering three questions:

  1. What is the one part of hosting the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that excites you most?
  2. What major events in other cities have shifted your perception about that city as a travel destination?
  3. What is one project/idea/program you could implement as an individual that would sustain the impact of the Convention on Cleveland as a visitor destination well into the future?

Among the numerous insights, the group was most excited about Cleveland taking its rightful stand in the international spotlight, and the 15,000 media who will be able to experience first-hand all that our city has to offer. They expressed their interest in volunteering during the event and creating content to share through their social platforms, expressing excitement for the city and their desire to create a truly authentic and unmistakable Cleveland experience for all those who visit our hometown.

While the Convention may only be a four-day event, its impact will be felt well into the future. Cleveland will be in the national and international spotlight and many will be here, seeing our city for the first time. As residents, the young professionals that attended the summit understand that we must continue to put our best foot forward as we welcome these and all other visitors and share with them the story of unprecedented change occurring in our community.