Volunteer Update

Volunteer UpdateBeth A. Kapes2016 Host Committee

As the Convention becomes a closer reality, those who have signed up to volunteer for the Host Committee may wonder what’s next. The Host Committee is dedicated to keeping volunteers informed about their potential roles.

Here are answers to some of your most recently asked questions.

Q. If someone had not registered previously, but is now interested in volunteering, are opportunities still available?
A. New volunteers will be able to sign up through June 30.

Q: What types of assistance will volunteers offer during the Convention, and how many of these roles can volunteers participate in?
A: Volunteers will be positioned in airports and hotels throughout Downtown and the region. Wayfinders will also assist visitors in navigating the area in highly traveled outdoor corridors in Downtown and University Circle. Volunteers may select one activity: Hotel Greeter OR Airport Greeter OR Downtown Wayfinder.

Q: Is training required? If so, when will volunteers be trained?
A: All volunteers must attend an in-person mandatory training session. Training will not be available online or in any other format. Those who do not attend a training session will not be permitted to volunteer, no exceptions.

Trainings will be held at multiple locations. When registering, volunteers will be able to view the schedule and select a session before completing registration.

Q: How many shifts can a volunteer serve?
A: Volunteers may register for two or more shifts. For those selecting to work shifts that are back-to-back, the shifts must be in the exact same location, as there is no travel time between shifts.

When registering, one of the shift options serves as the required training session.

Q: Is there an age requirement in order to volunteer?
A: All Host Committee volunteers must be 18 years or older as of June 1, 2016 to volunteer. Volunteer registrants who do not meet the age requirement will not have access to volunteer opportunities.

Those who may have registered who are not 18 years or older before June 1 will be identified upon completing the required Secret Service background check and removed from the registration system and schedule.

Q: Will volunteers be needed if the weather doesn’t cooperate?
A: Volunteers will be needed for all positions, rain or shine.