Volunteering for History

Volunteering for History Beth A. Kapes2016 Host Committee

As the Republican National Convention gets closer on the calendar, over 7,000 volunteers have registered to serve as ambassadors for the city. And, the Host Committee is dedicated to keeping volunteers informed about their potential roles.

Here’s an update on answers to some of your most asked questions from the Host Committee’s Volunteer Manager.

Q: What is the time frame that volunteers will be needed throughout the Convention, and how long is a typical volunteer shift?
A: The Host Committee is responsible for providing and staffing volunteers beginning Saturday, July 16 through the following Saturday, July 23. Each volunteer shift is four hours in length.

Q: What opportunities are available for volunteers?
A: Volunteers will provide information and directions on where to go, what to do and how to get there in locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Hotel volunteers will host information tables throughout their shifts. Wayfinders – volunteers who assist visitors in navigating the area in highly travelled corridors outdoors – will be positioned on streets and various outside venues to distribute maps and information materials.
Q: Do I need any specialized knowledge or information to volunteer?
A: In order to best assist visitors unfamiliar with the area, all volunteers must be knowledgeable about Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.  Hotels throughout Northeast Ohio will be staffed by Host Committee volunteers, affording the opportunity for individuals to select locations that they are most familiar with.
Q: Is a background check required?
A: Background checks are required for all Cleveland 2016 Host Committee volunteers—even if you have already completed one for your current job. Background checks will be completed online and are free of charge.
Q: Will volunteers need to complete any training?
A: All Host Committee volunteers must complete formal training at sessions that will be held throughout Northeast Ohio in June. More information about volunteer training sessions is expected to be available in May.
Q: Is there an age requirement in order to volunteer?
A: All Host Committee volunteers must be 18 years or older by June 1 to volunteer. Volunteer registrants who do not meet the age requirement will not have access to volunteer opportunities.