Biking around downtown

With road closures, parking restrictions and other traffic issues, many are opting to bike downtown during the Convention. This is a great choice, but you still need to be aware of where you can ride and best practices. Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with bike commuter laws.
You can either ride your own bike into town, or take advantage of the 100 bicycles available through Cleveland's bike-share program, sponsored by University Hospitals. The green-colored bicycles are available at 10 locations throughout downtown, and bikes can be reserved online at, or by downloading the Social Bicycles App on your smartphone. For a small fee, you can use these public bikes and not worry about having to secure your personal bicycle.

Where to ride

Bikes are subject to the same traffic laws as vehicles, and while they will be much easier to use during Convention Week, there are still restrictions to where you can ride. For example, unless you are credentialed, you cannot access any of the security zone locations -- with or without your bike.Click here for a full list of security zones and road closures.

Be a smart biker

Biking roadways and urban paths calls for a little research and education. Luckily, Bike Cleveland has an easily digestible Biking in Cleveland Guide that gives you everything from bike-choosing guidelines to safety tips to basic laws for bicyclists. Specifically, it maps out biking lanes and routes for the Greater Cleveland area, so it can help you figure out how you're getting where you're going safely.

Did you know?

You can combine your biking with public transportation to cover more ground in less time. All RTA buses are equipped with bike racks, and bicycles are allowed on all RTA trains. For more information on traveling on public transportation with your bike, click here.