General Questions

Q: What is the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee?
Learn more about the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee.

Q: Who plans the Convention?
The Committee on Arrangements (COA) is the group responsible for planning and managing the Republican National Convention. This group is appointed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman, Reince Priebus.

Q: What are some advantages to hosting the Republican National Convention in Cleveland?

  1. The greatest advantage of hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention is the estimated economic impact it will bring to Northeast Ohio. While it’s tough to project exactly what this number will be for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, we do know that the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa had an economic impact of more than $200 million in direct spending.

  2. The lasting impact of hosting this convention far exceeds the immediate economic impact. Long after the last delegate departs, our region will benefit from an exposure multiplier due to the millions of potential investors, residents and visitors who will get to see and experience our city.

Q: Will Convention activities take place at local venues or attractions?
Quicken Loans Arena will serve as the main convention area, and the FirstMerit Convention Center of Cleveland will serve as the media center. There will be approximately 1,200 ancillary events throughout the week that will take place at local venues and attractions.

Q: Can I get tickets to the Convention?
The Republican National Convention is not open to the public. Political conventions are for delegates from each state and U.S. territories. The delegates are elected officials from the party and others who have achieved rank within the party organization. If you have any additional questions, please visit www.gop.com.

Q: If I want to get involved on the political side of things, who should I contact?
The Host Committee is a non-political organization. Contact your county Republican Party or the Ohio Republican Party if you have an interest in being involved with the political side of the campaign or Convention.

Q: Is there a way I can keep informed about the latest developments, real-time updates, answers to questions, etc.?
The Host Committee’s goal is to provide updates through a variety of channels – including social media handles, this website and an ongoing community e-newsletter. Click here for more information on staying connected. 

Business/City Preparation and Hosting

Q: How can I show support/welcome the Republican National Committee (RNC) delegates and media (e.g. decorating my business with a Welcome banner)?
We encourage business owners to welcome Convention guests just as they show support when our sports teams are garnering national attention – window signs, window displays or any other store signage would be great.


Q: Will there be any highway construction that is incomplete going into downtown that will impede transportation during the Convention week?
The Host Committee is committed to putting our best foot forward to provide a positive visitor experience for all of the delegates and guests. It’s the goal of our partners who are managing projects to have highway construction complete or at a point that it won’t impede transportation and traffic flow.

However, the one project that will not be complete is the Innerbelt Bridge. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced earlier this year that the project is already on such an accelerated schedule that “it just can't be further expedited.” The bridge is expected to open in October 2016.

Downtown Business Accessibility

Q: Will businesses be open downtown during the Convention week?
The decision to remain open or to close is at the discretion of the business owner.

Q: Will some restaurants be closed off to the public during Convention week?
Some restaurants and other venues have committed to serve as headquarter locations for the Republican National Committee and for media who will be in Cleveland to cover the Convention – those commitments are likely to cause restaurant closures. Additionally, establishments may also choose to change their business hours during the Convention. Ultimately, the decision to close to the public or to change business hours is up to the respective restaurant owner. It is recommended that patrons call ahead to confirm availability.

Q: I park in a paid surface lot near the Q, how will parking be affected the week of the Convention?

Click here for more information on Traffic, transportation & parking.

Hotels and House Rentals

Q: What hotels are going to be used for the Convention?
The Host Committee has contracted for more than 16,000 hotel rooms, nearly 95 percent are within 35 miles of Downtown Cleveland.

Downtown Cleveland will offer 19 hotels providing nearly 5,000 rooms within a 15-minute walk of Quicken Loans Area, the main convention area. There are also approximately 1,100 dorm units and 500 apartments that will be used for the convention.

Since the date was announced, nearly all hotel rooms in Northeast Ohio have been booked. Hotel blocks extend out to Beachwood and Fairlawn, each only a 30-minute drive from Downtown.

Q: Who do I contact if I want to rent out my home during the Convention?

The Cleveland 2016 Host Committee is not organizing any effort that allows members of the community to rent out their homes during the convention. For more information, interested parties should work directly with Howard Hanna by visiting rnc.howardhanna.com.

The Host Committee is not providing assistance or recommendations regarding the renting of private residences before or during the Convention; however, the Host Committee is aware that Howard Hanna Real Estate Services has been named the official real estate provider of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County. The Host Committee makes no representations or warranties as to the services that Howard Hanna may provide or the quality of such services. The Host Committee assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the engagement of Howard Hanna or rental of property for the Convention and specifically disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages in connection therewith.


Q: What is the security zone? When will we know what the security zone is?
The 2016 Republican National Convention is designated as a National Special Security Event (NSSE) given its high profile and size. Other National Special Security Events include presidential inaugurations, State of the Union speeches, the Super Bowl – and even some NASCAR races.

With the NSSE designation, the Secret Service and other federal agencies will lead the effort to help ensure the safety and security of those participating in or otherwise attending the Convention as well as the community within which the event takes place. Part of this safety effort will likely include a security perimeter around Quicken Loans Arena which can only be accessed with a specific credential.

Click here for more information, including maps of security and traffic restrictions.

Q: If I work downtown, how I will I access my worksite?
The City of Cleveland has provided information for Downtown businesses. Click here for more information.

Q: If I live downtown, how will my ability to access my apartment be affected?
The City of Cleveland has provided information for Downtown residents. Click here for more information.

Traffic / Transportation

Q: Is there any place downtown that we should avoid traveling if we do not have to?
Click here for information on traffic and transportation during Convention Week.

Q: I live by Cleveland Hopkins Airport. What kind of "inconveniences" can I expect?
Residents living or working near the airport can expect greater volumes of traffic in the days leading up to the Convention and the days immediately following the Convention when the majority of visitors will arrive and depart. Guests are primarily expected to utilize hotel airport shuttles, public transportation, taxis, and ride share services to commute to their hotels.

Q: How will alternative forms of transportation, such as Uber, Lyft and RTA be utilized for the Convention week?
The extent to which most modes of transportation will be used is difficult to predict, but with 50,000 visitors in Northeast Ohio, the Host Committee expects both public transportation and transportation services such as Uber and Lyft to be utilized to some extent by guests – as well as rental cars, taxis and car services. One use we expect for RTA is by guests who will stay in downtown hotels – we’ll encourage use of the RTA Red Line from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Q: How will the Convention impact RTA service?
RTA will operate enhanced services on several of its modes, such as rail, the HealthLine, and downtown trolleys. It is hoped that more daily commuters will use RTA during the convention to ease congestion.

Click here for more information on RTA schedule, frequency, and route updates.

Visitor Insights

Q: Does the 50,000 visitor estimate include the 15,000 media members?
Yes. The 50,000 visitors represent a variety of groups including: delegates and alternates, Republican National Committee staff, donors, journalists and supporting technical staff, logistical support staff including security officers and transportation personnel, lobbyists, dignitaries and special guests.

Q: Will my business be inundated with customers during the Convention week?
The Convention will bring 50,000 people to town for about five days. The schedules of the state delegations are usually comprised of a variety of meetings and social events throughout the week – all of which are pre-planned. There are a number of visitors – including media and Convention guests – who may have more flexibility in their schedules and could seek out entertainment options and meals.

Q: Do you expect attendees will venture out into the communities of Northeast Ohio or will everyone be downtown?
Attendees and media will definitely venture out of downtown as many will be staying in hotels throughout the area.