03: Adapting International Concepts in CLE

03: Adapting International Concepts in CLEwith Laura BennettCEO and Co-founder, Embrace Pet Insurance

What do pet insurance, women’s entrepreneurship and Cleveland all have in common? Laura Bennett, the CEO and co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance. Bennett took an idea inspired by the United Kingdom’s offering an ecommerce approach to pet insurance, further developed the idea at the Wharton Business School and became the first ecommerce pet insurance actuary in the U.S. By bringing an integrative actuarial approach to a complex and undervalued product, Bennett has built Embrace Pet Insurance throughout the last 10 years on Cleveland’s entrepreneurial landscape that inspires businesses to thrive in Northeast Ohio.

Listen to Start In CLE to learn why Bennett, an England native, chose to start her business in Cleveland, keep it here and give back to the community through her women’s entrepreneurial group.