04: How Cleveland Supports Food and Wellness Manufacturing Entrepreneurs

04: How Cleveland Supports Food and Wellness Manufacturing Entrepreneurswith Ryan FlorioFounder and CEO, Inca Tea

Just a few years ago, Ryan Florio was working in a cubicle with no knowledge of tea and struggling with health problems exacerbated by the stress of every day life. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Inca Tea sold in retailers including Heinen’s, Whole Foods and Bed Bath & Beyond—and a wellness advocate who proudly collaborates with institutions including Cleveland Clinic. Struck with inspiration while traveling the Inca Trail, Florio returned home feeling better than ever, quit his job and immediately began to build the company of his dreams in Cleveland.

In this episode of Start In CLE, host Michael DeAloia and guest Ryan Florio talk the health benefits of tea and purple corn, and why Florio decided that his hometown was the perfect environment for Inca Tea’s future. Learn why Florio hopes that, thanks to Cleveland’s network of entrepreneurial support, the city could become the Silicon Valley of food and wellness manufacturing startups.