Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Adorned in hard-to-miss gold or blue shirts, Downtown Cleveland Alliance Clean and Safe Ambassadors walk the streets of Downtown Cleveland seven days a week, nearly 24 hours a day. They provide a number of services, including powerwashing sidewalks and helping visitors with directions.

Safety Ambassadors – some walking and some on bikes – patrol downtown while carrying two-way radios to reach a scheduled Peace Officer, who is an off-duty Cleveland Police officer providing supplementary security. The Peace Officer on duty patrols in a marked vehicle as a very visible presence to promote safety, and can issue citations or make arrests if necessary.

Can’t find your hotel? Clean and Safe Ambassadors are all trained to help with information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, events, conventions, and parking locations and costs.

Feeling a little nervous about walking by yourself? Call 216.621.6000 and a safety ambassador will be arranged to walk you to your next location.

Car break down and you’re stranded downtown? These ambassadors can help change a tire or stick around with you until the tow truck arrives.

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